Dimensions (LxPxH): cm
Net weight: kg
Dimensions with box (LxPxH): cm
Gross weight (box): kg
Installation power:
Supply type: 380V 50Hz
Air consumption:
Required suction type:
Ral color:
Technical specifications:

Programmable manual smoothing from electronic keyboard, with system of patented cut what it allows the workmanship of sole in leather, tunith, micro, rubber and similar. Pneumatic cylinders to the place of the traditional mechanical rubber bands have been introduced, to guarantee the pressure to give to the roll of transport of the car, Besides in this version they are present other patented details as the system of heating of the blade to be able to work material in rubber or similar. The machine is endowed with an innovative and exclusive automatic system that autoregola the speeds among the roll of transport and the roll matrix according to the diameters. It works with matrixes left-right where the shapes is realized with symmetrical sketch so also reducing the costs of workmanship. Through the use of the keyboard of electronic planning it is possible to vary the pressure of the roll of transport of the sole, and to memorize the speed of cut and the pressure of the roll of transport according to the article to work getting a decimal precision. Sole can also be worked with thickness of 10mm. Endowed with a practical drawer for the sfridis of the worked material and of special anterior and back centratori, so that to allow the operator to always insert the sole in the same way. Car of easy use and notable versatility, compatible with the use of various types of articles and existing materials in commerce.