Dimensions (LxPxH): cm
Net weight: kg
Dimensions with box (LxPxH): cm
Gross weight (box): kg
Installation power:
Supply type: 380V 50Hz
Air consumption:
Required suction type:
Ral color:
Technical specifications:

System of marcatura with hydraulic cylinder commanded by hydraulic control unit that develops a strength of around 11.000 KG, marks of great dimensions can be realized. And' possible to regulate the run of the hydraulic cylinder through a mechanical limit switch, it achieves an absolute precision of the marcatura of it that is performed. Variation of the strength of marcatura through the regulation of the hydraulic pressure Regulation of the time of marking. Regulation of the time of gone up again of the cylinder in the run back, he is able with these functions to always regulate the optimal space that remains between the mark and the sole, it is had therefore a reduction of the times of workmanship also thanks to the speed of marcatura that results very rapid. The system of centratura of the sole can be manual or semiautomatic through the use of pneumatic centre cores, that are manually regulated' from the operator for an optimal centering of the mark on the sole, always centering in the following phases of production the sole in the same position, possibility of marking with transference of paper, gold silver, etc with electric motor timing tool, heating of the mark with probe of heat with regulation of the digital temperature. The machine having a keyboard of external planning, it easily has also other varying parameters to help the operator in the productive phases. Safeties for the operator created with protections in shockproof polycarbonate where safety interrupters to key are applied fallen.