Dimensions (LxPxH): cm
Net weight: kg
Dimensions with box (LxPxH): cm
Gross weight (box): kg
Installation power:
Supply type:
Air consumption:
Required suction type:
Ral color:
Technical specifications:

Marker to throw of ink for sole in leather. The system is composed from an inspector with incorporated keyboard from a head of press fed by cartridges of ink by 44ml or 220ml. The messages (up to 32) are edited on normal PC implemented with a special software, using all the fontses and the formed WIN95, before to be memorized on a Smart Card. Marking of high resolution (up to 600 dpis); texts also multi-line with tall characters from 2 to 12,5mm; all the principal bar codes; extreme facility to care and print also very complex logo. Immediately interfaced with host and with other systems HSA-HP for configurations Network. The everything climbed on on comprehensive plinth of ribbon adjustable conveyor in height that is able, on application, to be furnished of variatore of speed and encoder. This machine adopts a system of press of the HP- advantage in terms of maintenance. Every qual turns themselves goes to automatically replace the cartridge of the ink the part it changes is the most important of the system of press, the head where the ink is sprinkled, in this way with a derisive cost around € 30,00 the new car is always had in its essential part. With the cartridge 44ml can be realized around 10.000 pairs of presses on sole, with a standard wording. Feeding 380v + neutral (system of press 220 v) Transport of the adjustable sole in height -encumber ribbon 750mm in length, on application different measures you can be performed as far as possible that they don't jeopardize the to regulate operation. -Basic width 550 mm around -Net weigh kg 50 around