Dimensions (LxPxH): cm
Net weight: kg
Dimensions with box (LxPxH): cm
Gross weight (box): kg
Installation power:
Supply type:
Air consumption:
Required suction type:
Ral color:
Technical specifications:

Manual Pantograph to dima of copying Mod. P2000 to two speeds varying elettromandrini, complete of aspirant pomp for block sole, complete of series punches copy, keys of outfit, manual of use and maintenance and declaration "Us" of conformity. functional description: this machine, through a special tastatore commanded by the operator following the profile created on a special dima, goes to previously recreate such profile on the situated sole inside an outline that, having the external side of the same sole, it determines the exact position of it on an aspirant plan, that the estate of the sole will guarantee through a depression created by a special pomp of the void. The machine has two elettromandrinis on which I/you/they are applicable cutters with different profiles so that the wanted profile can be recreated according to the demands. The two elettromandrinis can separately be used if necessity is had to create a first external profile with a mills very small, with diameter to 12 mm., for then to be able to finish working the whole inside surface of the remaining sole, with a cutter of great diameter 30/50 mm., in such way to be been able to realize the vuotatura in less possible passages. In alternative, when on the sole you are wanted only to realize one digs external alone of contour, you can simultaneously be used the two elettromandrinis so that with an only passage two sole you can be realized at a time, doubling, therefore, the production. The machine, being manual, it is considered at the operators that you have used it, very simple, manageable and easily gestibile for personal also not highly specialized. A further advantage, is given by its flexibility, also with series of limited productions to few pairs for article, also having the potentialities however, sees its practicality to be able to also face productive quantity that has gone since 30 to the 100 daily pairs.